The BBA High School program provides an excellent foundation in academic work and research methods that prepare all students for a successful college career. The variety of co-curricular opportunities ranging from chapels, advisory groups, social events, clubs, athletics, and seminars, are designed around student interest surveys and to allow students to begin focusing their efforts on the career field God leads them to in life.

The focus on inquiry, research, and critical thinking are foundational to a student’s continued preparation for high school, college, and life. These elements are the core component of our work in high school. The entire high school experience culminates in Bible, where seniors write and defend a research thesis. We do not believe every student must progress to college. God designs some students to have successful lives in one of the many trade careers essential to our country’s infrastructure. However, we desire to see every student fully prepared for college, even if they feel God is leading them to a career in one of the trade skills essential to society.

BBA High School
BBA High School

The High School requires students to take all state-mandated core courses and fulfill the state requirements for electives based on their chosen academic cohort.  All core courses are required by the State of North Carolina or the University of North Carolina system schools, and BBA.  BBA’s requirements may exceed the scope and sequence requirements of North Carolina or what is the minimum for acceptance into a UNC system school.  Students must receive one credit in all required courses to graduate from Berean Baptist Academy

High School Leadership

Dr. Jack Farmer

Dr. Jack Farmer

Superintendent & Principal

Jack Farmer has been the Superintendent at Berean Baptist Academy since the 2014-2015 school year.

Dr. Farmer has served BBA in numerous roles since he was medically discharged from the US Army.  He first entered the classroom at the beginning of the 2002-2003 academic year.  Over the years, Dr. Farmer has taught the Bible, English, History, Life Science, Biology, Personal Finance, Technology, Speech, Physical Education, and Photography.  He is the Head Coach for Cross Country.  He is still active in the classroom, teaching Senior Apologetics and Research, American Government, and Photography, and leads the Leadership club.

Dr. Annie Levens-Morris

Dr. Annie Levens-Morris

Dean of Discipline

Dr. Annie Levens-Morris has been teaching at Berean Baptist Academy since the 2018-2019 school year.  She brings her experience as a Chiropractic Doctor and mother to the classroom and hallways of the Academy.  She currently teaches Biology, Physical Science, Sports Medicine, and coaches Basketball.

As the lead teacher, Dr. Morris assists Dr. Farmer in providing oversight of policy enforcement, teacher coaching, and meeting with students who might have ongoing concerns in their life and need a little extra advice.

Lauren Whiting

Lauren Whiting

Dean of Academics

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Bible Overview
Dress Code
Parent Handbook

High School Bible is a four-year program that expands the knowledge acquired in Middle School and prepares the students for in-depth learning the High School. Each course is anchored to our overall objectives for learning scripture. In the final stage of the Senior Capstone Thesis, the students will present and defend their research on an apologetic topic surrounding Christianity. These topics may range from comparing scripture and modern views or focusing on evidence to support beliefs. Within the thesis, there should be evidence of meeting the five objectives for our Bible program.

  1. Students will be able to understand, articulate, and defend the metanarrative themes of scripture as creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, as it applies to our earthly and eternal life.
  2. Students will be able to identify and defend the historical reliability of the eight major Old Testament and three New Testament eras, including significant people, places, events, and promises of God.
  3. Students will be able to articulate their personal beliefs concerning the major doctrines of the Bible using scripture as the primary means of support.
  4. Students will be able to formulate a Christian response to life events based on understanding biblical examples and proper doctrinal interpretations consistent with the views of redemption and restoration.
  5. Students will, at a minimum, develop habits consistent with someone who has a relationship with Christ that results in a systematic study of scripture, prayer, worship, and self-reflection.

To assist students in reaching this goal, they are taught two foundational books during their freshman year (Genesis and Luke), Old Testament Theology during the sophomore year, New Testament Theology during the junior year, and receive an overview of the entire Bible focusing on points of contention and application to life, while being guided through the thesis process, during their senior year. When a student completes the four-year program, they will have read through the entire Bible twice in three consecutive school years from two different English translations (English Standard Version and Christian Standard Bible). 

Berean Baptist Academy desires to present an appearance that reflects a person who is capable of discerning appropriateness and modesty and who is prepared to work in a professional environment.
     The uniform/dress code applies when students are on campus during the school day, in extended care, on field trips, or at athletic activities as a student-athlete. The uniform/dress code may be relaxed for special events and activities. Students must arrive, remain, and leave school in approved attire. A student must always meet the appropriate school dress code on campus and for attendance at any school function on or off-campus. This includes summer camps and athletic practices offered on campus.
  • Boys may wear one ring, such as a class or championship ring, on their hands.  Any necklace must be worn inside the layer closest to the body and should not be seen. Boys may not have any piercings.
  • Ladies may wear multiple earrings in the ears, rings, and necklaces, but no other piercings should be seen.
  • Boys may have their hair extended to the bottom of a collared shirt or the top of a t-shirt. Hair may not extend past the opening of the ear.  Hair should not extend into the eyes. The length restriction cannot be avoided by styling, grooming, or pinning the hair to avoid its natural length in appearance. Hair braiding may be used as a grooming technique and may be secured at the back of the head, provided it is not used to circumvent the length restriction.   All hair should be the natural color and remain undyed.
  • Boys in grades 7 through 11 are to be clean-shaven.
  • Ladies may dye or color their hair in the traditional shades of auburn, brunette, black, blonde, and red.
Shirts and Jackets:
  • All students are required to wear a BBA shirt at all times. Shirts must be long enough to cover the midsection when a student reaches to the top of a whiteboard to write or a shelving unit to retrieve a piece of lab equipment.
  • Jackets and hoodies must be in the school colors of red, black, white, or gray and cannot have any graphic designs on the front or back (to include large manufacturer logos). A small manufacturer logo may be visible on the front or back of the jacket/hoodie (normally on the right or left chest area). The hood may not be worn inside.
  • Students may wear jeans provided they are well-fitted and free of holes and frays.  Pants that expose undergarments are not acceptable and may require a belt.
  • Students may wear khaki, black, or blue docker style pants or shorts and khaki, black, or blue fashion joggers.
  • Ladies may wear khaki, black, or blue skirts provided they extend to one dollar bill width from the knee when standing or longer.
  • For safety reasons, shoes must be worn in a fashion that does not allow the shoes to fall off the foot and create a tripping hazard.
  • High heels and shoes lacking a back strap are highly ill-advised for safety reasons. Students are required to navigate stairs and decks where moisture may be present.
  • All shoes are highly recommended to have a rubber outsole that is considered slip-resistant.


8th Grade

MATH111 – ALGEBRA 1 is offered to 8th grade students on the advanced math track.  High school credit is awarded to any student passing the course.

SCI111 – Earth Science is given to all 8th grade students for high school credit.  Students must pass Earth/Environmental Science to graduated HS in North Carolina.

FLNG111 – Spanish 1 or FLNG112 – French 1 may be taken for credit.  Students wishing to attend a UNC system school need 2 credits of Foreign Language.

These courses are not calculated in the student’s high school grade point average (GPA).


Freshman Year

Courses are listed by their departments.  One credit must be earned in each listed department.

BIBL111 – Genesis (.5) ENG111 – Beginning Literature (1)
BIBL112 – Luke (.5) ENG121 – Beginning Literature – Honors (1)
HIST111 – World History (1) MATH111 – Algebra 1 (1)
HIST121 – World History Honors (1) MATH221 – Geometry Honors (1)
FITN111 – Physical Education (.5) SCI211 – Physical Science
FITN112 – Healthy Living (.5) SCI221 – Physical Science Honors
FITN113 – Sports Conditioning (1)
2 Credits – 1 Foreign Language is Recommended




Sophomore Year

Courses are listed by their departments.  One credit must be earned in each listed department.

BIBL211 – Old Testament Survey & Theology ENG211 – World Literature (1)
ENG221 – World Literature – Honors (1)
HIST211 – American History (1) MATH211 – Geometry 1 (1)
HIST221 – American History Honors (1) MATH221 – Geometry Honors (1)
HIST231 – AP US History (1) MATH321 – Algebra 2 Honors (1)
SCI311 – Biology (1) 3 Credits
SCI321 – Biology Honors (1)
SCI331 – AP Biology (1)




Junior Year

Courses are listed by their departments.  One credit must be earned in each listed department.

BIBL311 – New Testament Survey & Theology ENG311 – American Literature (1)
ENG321 – American Literature – Honors (1)
ENG331 – AP English Language (1)
ENG512 – American Lit with FTCC ENG111 & 112   (1 HS / 6 College)
HIST311 – Economics & Finance (1) MATH311 – Algebra 2 (1)
HIST321 – Economics & Finance Honors (1) MATH321 – Algebra 2 Honors (1)
MATH421 – Algebra & Trig Honors (1)
SCI411 – Chemistry (1) 3 Credits – FTCC College Courses are Highly Recommended
SCI421 – Chemistry Honors (1)




Senior Year

Courses are listed by their departments.  One credit must be earned in each listed department.

BIBL411 – Senior Thesis – Worldview Capstone (1) ENG411 – Brit Literature (1)
ENG421 – Brit Literature – Honors (1)
ENG431 – AP Literature (1)
ENG511 – Brit Lit with FTCC ENG111 & 112   (1 HS / 6 College) or FTCC ENG211 & 212
HIST411 – American Government (1) MATH411 – Algebra & Trig (1)
HIST421 – American Government Honors (1) MATH421 – Algebra & Trig Honors (1)
MATH422 – Trig & Precal Honors (1)
4 Credits – FTCC College Courses are Highly Recommended




Grade Level Cohorts



Academic Tracks

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How much homework should I expect

The average student in High will receive between 90 and 120 minutes of work nightly.  This amount of time is based on the educational standard of 10-minutes per grade level for the average course and student.  Advanced courses, such as honors and advanced placement, should expect another 10-minutes per course.  College courses may extend to a total of 40-45 minutes per course.  This means that students should consider the workload against their extracurricular activities, especially those outside of the school’s control.  These guidelines do not incorporate time for studying or long-term projects, such as research papers.

How can I communicate with the teachers?

Teachers welcome communication from concerned parents.  They are willing to answer your questions and provide support.  You may reach them anytime by emailing them through your FACTS SIS (formerly RenWeb) portal.  Please understand that many teachers are parents and grandparents and that they spend several nights each week grading and preparing lessons, and therefore, may limit their response times.  It is the academy’s expectation that teachers respond to emails within 24-48 hours.  Like we ask them to guard your Saturday and Sunday with little to no emails, so you can spend time with family and freely worship at church, we ask them (and you) to do the same for their lives.  Please make every effort to look ahead at assignments and projects to limit last-minute emails.

What electives are available?

Electives vary from year to year based on teacher availability.  However, every attempt is made to offer foreign language, music, theatre, and art each year.  Athletic courses are also available based on coach availability.